Thursday, 15 May 2008

Rock Troll

You wouldn't want to meet this badboy in a dark alley...

Demon design

I love drawing monsters and demons and sometimes I like to go into that twisted place in my mind and pull these ugly mofos out...So prepare to meet my creations! MWAHAHA!!!!

Hello and welcome!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Blog! I will be putting a lot of my artwork up here as I feel it's time to show the world my artwork! Some of you may have seen my work on Facebook. Well I will put work (including sketches, work in progress and random ideas) up. If there is anything I wanna share with you, it will be posted on here. Bare with me whilst i get the hang of the layouts on here! But im sure this will be a brilliant way of me bringing my work to you. Please feel free to browse and comment! No de-constructive criticism...otherwise i'll find out where you live and have to come and end you!...Sorry about that, i had a psycho moment then! ;D

Enjoy people!

Gav :D