Monday, 25 March 2013

Gavinius and Angus the "Hairy Coo"

So as some of you may know how much I love Scotland, especially Edinburgh! My sketches from 2008 were some of my best architectural sketches and I was really proud of the evolution and continued improvement of my work... Well I have decided to relocate up to Edinburgh and will be doing so after Easter!...I have been on a few visits to Edinburgh recently and have fallen in love with the place all over again.

This is a illustration for a thank you card for my manager Louise, who has been a fantastic boss! I just wanted to say thank you in my own quirky way. The "Hairy Coo" Highland cow is Angus and I have not drawn him for a few years. I have not put any other Angus pics on the blog, but I may have to. He is a stubborn cow that just won't move!!!...Thankfully I will be taking the Eastcoast train which will get me to Scotland quicker! :D

Monday, 18 March 2013

Beauty and the Beast

A Couple of years ago, I took part in the wonderful world of amateur dramatics. I was cast in the lead role of Beauty and the Beast as...The Beast! It was a wonderful experience and a very intensive 3 months of rehearsing; learning lines, singing songs and learning how to dance, growling and snarling and acting like a Beast, as well as designing the background sets, as well as holding a full time job.  Here are a selection of the backgrounds I drew and coloured. I was very proud of the work and finally want to share these with you!...Enjoy!






Ploppy Poo Poo MacYong

This strange creature is based on my canoeing trip with a group of friends up the Caledonia canal on one of the worst weekends to canoe up the canal. the wind was against us and made our journey slow, arduous and painful. I didn't go canoeing or camping for a year or so after. The beautiful, rugged, romantic landscape was marred by the pain of the canoeing and I wish I could have enjoyed it under better circumstances. In Scotland you are allowed to wild camp and basically pitch your tent anywhere. This was on the banks of Loch Lochy and the creature is based on a package I delivered and buried in the woods... I imagined my fecal matter mutating and becoming sentient, roaming along the banks of Loch Lochy... Maybe they will write a song about this creature or it may become part of the mythology of Scotland like Nessy!...

The Return of Gavinius! (With Dimbers!)

Hello, if anyone still looks at this! Apologies for the very late (3 years) of posts! I have been so busy on many adventures, having a Lego addiction, Rock Band stuff, delving into amateur dramatics, learning to Scuba dive and generally not being motivated to put stuff up... But I am back!!! So the last few years I have been experimenting with Letraset markers to bring out the wonderful world of colour to my work!... I love using the markers as they let you go over layers and add darker shade. An example does exist on the blog - the Barbarian chick Shanya is coloured using these pens. I will be posting more of these pics up including the work I did for an amateur dramatic production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Here is a picture I drew of me and my hero the broadcaster and television presenter David Dimbleby in his signature pink shirt. For those of you who don't know who David is: He is a BBC presenter known for doing the debate programme Question Time as well as a portfolio of documentary series' to do with Britain; It's history, art and architecture. I am a big fan of these series' and decided to draw me and my hero!...